Docudrama Screenings

Community action planning around the maternal health docudrama, Bauchi, 2012

CIET produced docudramas depicting findings from the social audit cycles. These dramas have easy-to-follow storylines and are in conformity with local cultures. Most of the scripting takes inspiration from focus groups discussions. CIET disseminated these docudramas in communities soon after the official launch of the key findings of the maternal and child health cycles.

Bauchi state docudramas

In Bauchi State, gender-stratified community groups in 30 communities in the three focus local government authorities reacted in a practical way to the docudramas. In 2010, after viewing and discussing the drama on maternal health outcomes, they implemented self-help activities addressing heavy workload and domestic violence in pregnancy, raising awareness of danger signs during pregnancy and child birth.

As a result of the 2012 docudrama on child health, the same groups generated transport and support for outreach immunisation in their communities. Altogether in the state, more than 700 docudrama screenings in the first cycle and 300 screenings in the second cycle helped bring a behavioural change in attitudes towards maternal and child health in target groups.

Cross River state docudramas

In Cross River State, gender-stratified community groups, youth groups and social mobilisation teams in 30 communities in the three focus local government authorities viewed the dramas and chalked out an action plan at their level. Groups of notable community members worked together to raise awareness and improve social attitudes regarding maternal and child health. More than 1000 community docudrama screenings in the first cycle and 500 in the second cycle engaged people in a continued dialogue on social attitudes towards maternal and child health in their households and communities.

Behind the scenes of the child health docudrama, Bauchi, January, 2012

Youth groups helped generate greater understanding of the problems faced by pregnant women and their small children. CIET helped youth groups film their own documentaries around maternal and child heath which they subsequently screened in their communities.

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